Asglatex - From Idea to Product
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Success with Great Products

Competence, flexibility and willingness to innovate: these are the business guidelines followed by Asglatex Ohorn GmbH, with all the consequences that come with it. With a tradition of 90 years in the development of technical fabrics, our mid-sized company has been able to succeed in the market, and we today boast outstanding quality and short production times when serving our clients.

Our modern production system allows for a wide range of high-quality products. The core competences lie in the manufacturing of glass mesh fabrics and reinforcement accessories for the building industry. Our range of products is supplemented by the sale of technical fabrics for use in various industry branches as well as heating and fire protection.


New Coating Line

In March 2013 Asglatex started the production with a new modern coating line for which also a new production hall was built. Thus, Asglatex is optimally prepared for the demands of customers in the future. 

Approval for the French market 

From now on Asglatex offers CSTB-certified mesh fabric for the French market. The national building institute CSTB has very high requirements for building products. With the French certification Asglatex demonstrates its high quality standards once again. See Products / Glass mesh fabrics / ETICS fabrics.