The main product we manufacture is glass mesh fabric for reinforcement purposes. With long years of experience, the use of high quality materials, well-educated professionals and proven finishing processes, we are able to guarantee our clients the high “made in Germany” quality.

The fabric produced in our factory is characterized by, among other things, high tensile strength and alkali resistance, and is thus optimal for meeting various requirements for its use in facade systems. The fabrics are available in various colours and they can also be obtained with custom-specific prints if necessary.

Here you can download our product catalog as PDF:  Catalog.pdf


Glass Mesh Fabrics

The Asglatex mesh fabrics, made of E-glass, ensure a reliable, stable reinforcement solution.

Mesh Accessories

In addition to many different types of fabric, we offer a great selection of accessories articles, corner beads, reveal beads, different profiles and much more.

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Technical Fabrics

In addition to building industry products, Asglatex Ohorn GmbH delivers selected technical textiles in the areas of welding and heat protection as well as reinforcement solutions in the fields of polyester resin and glass-reinforced plastic.