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Production & Quality
Everything on one site

From the manufacturing of the warp beams in the warping unit to the weaving, impregnation and finishing stages, Asglatex does everything on one site. This means that we can remain functional without having to worry about supply bottlenecks, stay independent, and we can respond to clients’ orders quickly and can consistently deliver high quality.

We have a team of well-educated and highly-motivated professionals who work well together as a team with the aim of meeting the high demands of our clients at any time.

With this, we continue to develop and modify our product range. The fabrics are available in various designs, which vary in usage purpose according to their yarn and roving fineness, mesh width and the resulting weight.

As we manufacture these fabrics, we are in the position to satisfy almost any client’s wish. Try it!

Quality is the Benchmark

As a manufacturer and supplier of high quality fibreglass products for countless renowned clients, we aim to maintain our high standards of quality and to improve them continuously. The introduction of a quality management system in the company has been crucial in this.

We view the ISO 9001 ff certification as an expression of determined and diligent work in the area of quality assurance and improvement.
Regular quality control procedures in our factory and tests by external independent laboratories guarantee our continuing ability to deliver our clients high quality products.

Our duty to the Environment

We are all responsible for bequeathing future generations an intact environment.

With this, we at Asglatex are committed to finishing our products at a modern and thus environmentally friendly level. The use of especially environmentally friendly materials, the observation of environmental protection regulations and the prevention respectively the professional disposal of waste are all a matter of course.
The high quality and therefore the lifespan of our products contributes to the protection of the environment and to the preservation of available resources.