Expansion joint profile with elastic middle component

With mesh, for surfaces and internal corners.
Length 200 cm

Plaster thickness 6 mm

Joint tape

Self adhesive fibreglass reinforcement mesh for bridging cracks and joints in plasterboards.
90 m / roll
Width 50 and 100 mm

End profiles (L-profiles) for various plaster thicknesses

Hard PVC profiles with laminated fabric for the plaster finishing.
3 mm
6 mm

Mesh sword (mesh arrow) made of ETICS fabric

Mesh swords/arrows are used for corner reinforcement in building openings (e.g. windows, doors).
50 cm x 33 cm, 160 g/m2, mesh size approx. 4 x 4 mm


Our non-wovens are used primarily for covering ceiling joints, nicks and cracks, and they can be painted.

Non-woven for joints

Non-woven 45 g/m2, 5 cm wide

Non-wovens for paintings

Non-woven 45 g/m2, 1 m wide