Other Mesh Fabrics
Exterior plastering fabrics, interior plastering fabrics and heavy fabrics complete our mesh fabrics program. With their especially high tearing strength and low tensibility, these fabrics provide necessary strain relief and reliably prevent cracks in the plaster. The interior plastering fabric is also especially suitable for covering already existing cracks during renovation works.

Heavy fabrics are used primarily in the base area of buildings and for other extremely demanding tasks. With its stable construction, it possesses very high pressure, tensile and impact resistance properties.

Art. 03-5 [Exterior plastering fabric]

Fibreglass mesh fabric 145g/m2

Mesh size 10 x 10 mm


Art. 03-6 [Interior plastering fabric]

Fibreglass mesh fabric 75 g/m2
Mesh size 5 x 5 mm

Art. 03-15 [Amored/Heavy fabric]

Fibreglass mesh fabric 335 g/m2